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Recent 57

Vol. 20 (2019), No. 1 (57), 2019


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  • Nadira MAAMRI, Rachid CHAIB, Mohamed BENIDIR, Ion VERZEA

The Assessment of the Sound Environment in the Workplace: A Lever for Work Quality and Safety



The Noise is an essential component the living environment and working environment except but it constitutes a major nuisance in the professional environment. Exposure to noise in an excessive manner can have adverse effects on the health and safety of workers. The exposure, despite its short duration, is dangerous and can generate for the employee different psychological, physical, behavioural and economic consequences. It can lead to deafness, an irreversible phenomenon. In addition to hearing loss and tinnitus, it is recognized as an initiator of fatigue, physical and psychological stress, decreased attention, concentration and leads to a decline in cognitive performance, or even consequences on the health of the employee and the quality of his work: a drop in productivity and an increase in absenteeism. Moreover, occupational exposure to noise accelerates the process of acquiring presbycusis. This results in human, social and economic costs for the company. As a result, it becomes essential to manage and prevent noise nuisance in companies, objectives of the work. This work aims at evaluating the risks due to noise pollution at a drilling site of the ENAFOR Company, or even manages to draw the sound map of the site. The latter, allows identifying places and workstations most exposed to sound hazards. A questionnaire has also been used in order to identify the impact of noise pollution on the workers and the link with the mapped cartography, or even establish the necessary preventive measures.


assessment, risk, noise pollution, prevention, psycho sociological facts, sound mapping


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